Archive: 2019 - December

The importance of a soft search

The humble soft search. It has been around for some time, but customers are cottoning on to the importance of it, and dealers should be too. Here’s why they are so important and how they can help to build trust with your potential customers, securing more deals in the long run.

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The end of a PCP agreement

The end of a PCP finance agreement is looming, but as a used car dealer with a finance partner – what options do you have and who assumes responsibility for the car at the end of it. Here’s our definitive answer on how we will work with you to either secure another deal and another car, or how we can move forward with the customer.

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Minimising Finance Hazards

The world of finance is more regulated than ever, with the Financial Conduct Authority ensuring best practice is adhered to across the board. We specialise in car finance so here are our tips for minimising the hazards in the industry.

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