Finance solutions for all types of classic and vintage cars

If you’re a car enthusiast keen on capturing a moment in time, then investing in a classic model is no doubt on your agenda. A reminder of days gone by, classic and vintage vehicles not only serve as a history lesson but provide a special kind of nostalgia for many reasons. Here at Octane Finance, we want to help you preserve those memories for as long as possible, which is why we work with a range of lenders across the UK that specialise in classic and vintage car finance. 

Car finance for classic cars is a popular alternative solution to applying for a personal loan. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP), and Lease Purchase (LP) agreements provide the most flexible finance options, and as a broker, we do our best to source the most preferable representative APR rates possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will work with you to secure a favourable deal for your older model - speak with us to find out more. 

  • Classic
    Finance a classic car model

    What quantifies a car as being a ‘classic’ model? Well, technically speaking, for a car to be classed as a proper ‘classic’, it should be at least 40 years old and considered a collector's item - so will naturally have a high asking price. But as we know, classic cars are so much more than antiquity…

    A high-end classic car is one of the joys of life where craftsmanship, engineering, and style all meet in a celebration of what is achievable by exacting and industrious minds. So regardless if you’re looking to finance a Jaguar E-Type, an Aston Martin DB5, or even a Volkswagen Beetle 1963 model that pays homage to Herbie, we can make it possible.

    So, how does classic car financing work? Rest assured that the application process is much the same as with standard car finance - except you will likely be applying for a much larger loan which will require more thorough credit checks.

  • Classic Sports Car
    Classic Sports Car
    Finance a classic model of sports car

    By their nature, classic sports cars can prove harder to secure finance on than conventional classic cars - in some cases, this is because it may be an extremely rare model. As a collector, you’ll relish in the knowledge that a classic sports car will gain value, meaning its worth will appreciate over time.

    We work with lenders that can finance any age or marque of classic sports cars, making your next purchase as seamless as possible. Our straightforward approach will leave you with more time doing what you do best - sourcing the model!

    Whether it’s an AC Cobra, Ferrari 250 GT, or Porsche 911, if a classic high-performance sports car is an item you wish to cherish for years to come, then we can open the door for you. Our discreet experts can deal with your request in complete confidentiality while pairing you with a specialist lender who can put you in the driving seat.

  • Vintage
    Finance a vintage model of car

    The presence and quality of a vintage vehicle are something that is admired by many classic car fans. While a classic car takes us back in time by a good 40 years or so, a vintage car really delves into the history books - and often warrants a sizeable price tag too!

    Strictly speaking, a vintage car is one that is manufactured prior to the 1940’s but does not necessarily need to appear in its original condition. As keen collectors know, many vintage cars have been customised over time, but this doesn’t take away from their veteran status. Timeless automobiles such as the Bentley Mark V, Ford Model T, and Rolls-Royce Phantom can be hard to come by but are absolutely worth every penny when you do.

    In our experience, if you are after a particular vintage model and wish to finance all or part of the vehicle, then you are also the type of person who is very exacting when it comes to high standards. Our team is efficient and informed enough to select lenders with a reputation for providing only the very best finance solutions when it comes to vintage car purchases.

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