Drive your dreams with Octane Finance

At Octane Finance, we understand that vehicle finance is simply a means to an end. Whether you're looking to finance a car, van, or motorbike, including electric vehicles, our goal is to provide you with a straightforward, honest process and the best possible deal. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and expertise to ensure you can make an informed decision with complete peace of mind.

We’re fuelling your journey one vehicle at a time by offering a range of vehicle finance solutions to suit your needs, including Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP), and Lease Purchase (LP) options. We can also broker zero deposit deals as well as access options for those with bad credit. 

Our team of experienced vehicle finance experts is always on hand to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way. We believe that vehicle finance shouldn't be confusing, which is why we've outlined the different options available to you, making it easier to choose the one that best fits your requirements and budget.


  • Electric Vehicle Finance
    Flexible finance solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles
    Going electric? We've got you covered! Here at Octane Finance, we’re helping UK drivers accelerate into the future with affordable, flexible electric vehicle financing solutions. As an independent broker working with leading lenders across the country, we can get you behind the wheel of your preferred zero-emission vehicle.  Our finance experts can even guide you through the latest government grants and incentives to help lower your monthly payments further. We match you with competitive E...
  • Vehicle Finance
    Flexible finance solutions for cars, vans, and motorcycles
    Choosing a new vehicle is one thing, but finding the funds to pay for it is another. Why not take the stress away by sourcing a finance solution to suit your needs? Vehicle finance can help you afford a car, van, or motorcycle without having to find the money upfront, rely on a credit card, or apply for a personal loan.  Here at Octane Finance, we can put you in touch with a wide range of trusted lenders from across the UK. As a broker specialising in vehicle finance, we have years of expe...
  • Lease Purchase (LP) finance
    Discover what Lease Purchase (LP) is and the main benefits of applying for this form of car finance
    Securing finance can be an ideal solution to driving a new vehicle, without paying a huge upfront cost - instead, you will be able spread the cost into manageable chunks. Accelerate your journey to driving your dream car by finding the right form of finance to suit you… What is Lease Purchase (LP) finance? Much like a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deal, a Lease Purchase (LP for short) agreement means you borrow money from a lender in order to own a new vehicle eventually. The di...
  • Zero Deposit Car Finance
    Discover how ‘no deposit’ car finance works - Representative APR 12.9% available
    Securing finance for a car without having to pay an initial lump sum is a possibilty for many borrowers. But before making your application, find out if you are eligible for zero deposit car finance first with our helpful guide…  What is zero deposit car finance? Not all vehicle finance deals require an upfront deposit - it is possible to secure finance for a car, van, or motorbike with nothing to pay before your monthly payments. Zero deposit finance - also known as ‘no deposit’ f...
  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance
    Find out what Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is and the main benefits of applying for this kind of car finance
    You have found the car and now all you need is the finance to put you firmly in the driving seat. With a number of options to choose from, it is important to select the right type of finance solution to suit you and your needs, so we are here to get you started...  What is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance? Personal Contract Purchase (PCP for short) is a popular car financing option that often offers lower monthly payments compared to a personal loan. It is a way of borrowing money...
  • Hire Purchase (HP) finance
    Explore more about Hire Purchase (HP) and the main benefits of applying for this type of car finance
    If you already know what vehicle you want, but need to apply for a loan to get your hands on the wheel, then Hire Purchase finance could be a suitable option. But before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line, it is important to understand what is involved - read on to find out more...  What is Hire Purchase (HP) finance? Hire Purchase (HP for short) is a form of vehicle finance that enables you as the borrower to pay for a car or van over a set amount of months. As the name suggests, y...