New Car Finance

Financing a New Car at the dealership isn't the only option for you the customer. Many consumers often wrongly assume that because they are financing their new car at the showroom they are automatically getting the best deal. In fact our research shows that 90% of customer's are getting a worse funding option when using the manufactures own finance house. Often referred to as the "Showroom Rate" the interest is typically set across the board and is higher then that you can typically achieve when funding through Octane Finance.

So in short, low interest rate and even zero deposit car finance is available with Octane Limited. We supply the following car finance products, Hire Purchase, personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Lease Purchase. We can even supply personal loans allowing you to have an un-secured loan for your new vehicle purchase.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote and let Octane be your preferred option.