Bad Credit Finance

Octane Ltd is becoming the UK's 1st choice Car Finance broker to help individuals who have bad credit or have been refused car finance elsewhere. We have helped many people overcome this situation as we take a different approach to accepting car finance applications for those who have struggled in the past.

We have established a good working relationship with our panel of lenders and have a DIRECT link to them that the major Car Finance Broker's don't. Please do not hesitate to call us and let us do the hard work for you.

Like fingerprints, no two credit applications are the same! We understand everybody's credit score and situation is different so that's why we look at each application individually. Most companies ignore applicants that have a had a CCJ, IVA or had financial issues in the past. We consider your credit application based on your affordability and ability to pay. Don't let the past drag you down!

How we can help?

Missed payments, Bankruptcy, CCJ's IVA's, defaults are becoming more and more common due to a recovering economy from a worldwide credit crisis. As a result, customers are falling into the 'sub-prime' category and are struggling to get accepted for car finance. Octane can help! We have a panel of lenders that understand these situations and welcome customers who have had financial difficulty in the past. As well as a funding solution, this will also help your credit score get back on track.

Improve your chance of Approval with Octane?

We have the ability to get approval for you with zero deposit, however, we do recommend providing a reasonable deposit as this will increase your chances further and help with your credit application.

The following information is also required

  • Minimum 3 years address history
  • Minimum 3 years work history
  • Income and expenditure

When considering your new vehicle, we would suggest finding one that will suit your situation as this will increase your chance of acceptance. Please note, there are further costs you will need to consider such as fuel, service & repair, insurance and general associated costs. Please consider these on your next purchase as this has an influence on the car finance companies checks.

If you would like more information or advise, call us today on 01268 211611.